VAT calculator

Use our simple VAT calculator to calculate the VAT contained within a total amount, or the VAT charged on a net amount.

To use the VAT calculator to get the correct standard rate of VAT, be sure if the invoice or receipt is dated prior to 4 January 2011 to choose 17.5% Standard Rate. If the invoice or receipt is dated 4 January 2011 or later, choose 20% Standard Rate.

About VAT

VAT is charged on most goods and services in the UK that are provided by a VAT-registered business. Also note it can be charged on goods and services that are imported from countries outside the European Union (EU) and then imported into the UK via other countries within the EU.

This page was last reviewed on 19 April 2016. The information may not reflect changes in legislation made after this date.

This is only a guide to your tax position and should not be relied on in place of professional accounting or tax advice. Any calculated figures are illustrative and are based on the data you provided.

Mobile version

Just in case you wish to use our VAT Calculator on your smartphone or tablet we have created a mobile friendly version. You can also save it to your home screen:

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